On-Line Personal Training Servicing Adults with Joint and Muscle Pain and Mobility Challenges.


My Philosophy

Getting older doesn’t mean you love hiking, dancing, sports, and/or other physical activities less, but it can feel like doing them is impossible because they might trigger joint pain, stiffness, or previous injuries.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. It can be tempting to jump back into being active when your life shifts or you feel like you need to lose weight, or new opportunities appear. But, it's this sudden “jumping in" to activities - not conditioned - that brings joint pain, previous injuries, and current mobility issues to the surface. This means you get demotivated quickly, and once again, can’t participate in the activities you so want to be a part of now! Frustrating, right?

The truth is that the discomfort you’re experiencing is not due to aging, at least not in the sense that your body is “too old.” It's coming from the conditioning of your body and your day to day habits. These might be walking or sitting habits, exercise habits, posture habits, or compensation for an old injury. It can even be caused by inflammation from the foods you eat.

The good news? If you want to be more active with less discomfort and get back to the activities that bring you joy, I can help!

My Method

When you suffer from joint pain and/or mobility issues that keep you from enjoying the activities you used to love, it can be really frustrating.

The natural tendency is to go see your doctor, chiropractor, or massage therapist, yet even if you find relief, you may also find that you don’t “stay better” and discomfort or stiffness is back within a few weeks or months.

This is because your body may have been "fixed", but your exercise, posture, or workout strategy was not corrected. Practitioners are trained to treat a symptom and relieve the pain, but not all are focused on creating movement and exercise strategies that target the root cause(s) of your discomfort, which is why it inevitably comes back.

What I do is find the root cause of your pain and mobility limitations and create a customized exercise and stretch plan to help correct your movement patterns. This plan incorporates the advice of the other practitioners (if applicable) and gives you a holistic, long-term plan to get back to being active in the activities you love.

My Promise

As a result, you will feel more healthy, confident, and able to enjoy physical activities without the fear that your pain or mobility challenges will come back in a few months. Adventure is waiting, so get your life back and start living - actively!

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